Alternate Reality Initiative (ARI)

Alternate Reality Initiative (ARI)

Visualization Studio ARI Student XR Club

The Alternate Reality Initiative (ARI), is a student organization at the University of Michigan centered around virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technology!

ARI is fostering the next generation of extended reality (XR) innovators through weekly meetings where they host development workshops, discuss industry news, and connect students to opportunities within the broader XR community at other universities as well as in industry:

What is XR? Extended reality includes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), spatial computing, and more! At ARI, we believe in learning, collaborating, and expanding horizons together. Whether you’re an aspiring xr/game developer, a 3D (or 2D!) artist, or simply curious about XR, ARI is your place to connect with like-minded individuals and take your passion to new heights.

We meet every Friday from 5:30pm – 7:00pm in presentation room 1180 in the Duderstadt Center.

This semester, we are excited to work on two captivating projects that promise an immersive and educational experience for all members:

1) AR Visit Detroit App: We have an exciting partnership this semester with Visit Detroit, Detroit’s tourism bureau! We will be creating an augmented reality tour of Detroit, where history, culture, and technology converge. Witness landmarks come to life and delve into the city’s rich narrative through this one-of-a-kind digital exploration. This is a semester-long project team and we are actively recruiting participants of all skill/experience levels!

2) MIVERSE – Beginner XR Development: Are you curious about XR development? Whether you’re a novice or have some prior experience, our MIVERSE (Michigan-Universe) project is designed to teach the essentials of Unity and Blender skills, allowing participants to become well-rounded developers. While centered on VR, the acquired skills are applicable to all XR development, enabling members to bring their imaginative concepts to life, such as crafting cyberpunk structures through 3D modeling, and designing interactive experiences in C#, in a collaborative and supportive environment.

We invite you to join us for an exciting semester filled with innovation, creativity, and exploration. To learn more about ARI and our upcoming events, join ARI on Discord or visit the ARI website: