Augmented reality devices aim to enhance the real world by populating it with additional digital content that blends seamlessly into our environment. With augmented reality, your vision of the world around you is not obstructed by a head mounted display like it is with Virtual Reality, where your view obscured by an entirely digital environment. Because of this, augmented reality offers many benefits as a platform for interactive collaborative learning as well as methods for supplementing the world around us with additional information.



Hololens 1 & 2

The Hololens is an augmented reality headset developed by Microsoft that allows 3D digital content to be viewed and tracked in a real world environment. While some AR devices rely on marker-based tracking, the Hololens maps the surrounding environment so graphics can be tethered to fixtures in the environment. Users interact with the Hololens using finger gestures and voice commands.

Tablet Devices

For mobile augmented reality we have the latest iPads and iPods with full permissions enabled allowing you to develop your own custom AR applications. These devices are suitable for use with Apple's ARKit and Reality Composer, supporting glyph-based tracking.


The Meta is now discontinued but is an alternative option for head mounted augmented reality. Unlike the Hololens that has a computer built into the glasses, the Meta is tethered to a workstation - meaning you are not limited to the computing power of the headset.

Windows Mixed Reality

Our Acer headsets for Windows Mixed Reality offer inside-out tracking, six degrees of freedom with motion controllers, and spatial audio.

Google Daydream

Google Daydream works with a VR capable mobile phone. It is available for select phones running the Android mobile operating system (Nougat 7.1 and later).

Google Cardboard

These fold-out cardboard viewers work with VR capable smartphones. Cardboard is limited in the interactivity it provides but offers a low-cost system for accessible VR experiences.

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