Visualization Studio Consultant

Job Title: Visualization Studio Consultant
Job ID:
10 hours per week – 20 hours per week
Pay Rate: $16/hr
Openings: 2
(This job is eligible for work-study)

The Visualization Studio – Consultant position offers students a unique opportunity to work in a media-rich, creative and collaborative environment. Students in this position would be working alongside other student consultants to assist students and staff with software and hardware related questions while providing general oversight over the Visualization Studio space. Students in this position would be tasked with preparing the Visualization Studio lab for classes and ensuring visitors are adhering to all lab rules.

Students in this position will be asked to work between 10 to 20 hours per week, and students with work-study are accepted. This position starts at $16.00/hour, with increases based on experience and skill level.

Students that are familiar with the Duderstadt Center’s Visualization Studio and have experience using VR headsets are encouraged to apply. Students will have access to state of the art facilities, equipment, and expertise and are encouraged to develop new approaches using and supporting the Duderstadt Center’s resources.

Required Qualifications

  • Strong work ethic / Dependability
  • Experience using VR headsets

Desired Qualifications

  • Persistent interest in expanding skill sets and knowledge base
  • Familiarity or interest in working with a variety of XR devices

North Campus