3D Modeling & Animation Consultant – ENGR100 Curriculum Development

Hours: 20-40 hours per week (Summer) and 10-20 hours/week (Fall)
Work Study: This job is eligible for work-study
Pay Rate: $20/hr
Department: Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
Office: Room 1401 – Duderstadt Center Visualization Studio
Positions: 2

Job Duration
This position will span Spring/Summer 2023 and continue into Fall 2023. The work during Fall 2023 will include some instructional support for a new ENGR 100 section (Socially Engaged Design of Nuclear Energy Technologies) 

The 3D Modeling & Animation Consultant position offers students a unique opportunity to work in a media-rich, creative and collaborative environment. Students in this position will be asked to work between 20 to 40 hours per week during the summer and 10-20 hours per week during the Fall, and students with work-study are accepted. This position starts at $20/hour. Students working in this position will develop 3D models as well as other visualizations of fission and fusion reactors which will be used in a new ENGR 100 section which will be taught in Fall 2023. Possibility for academic publication resulting from this work. 

Students that are proficient in 3D modeling software and have demonstrated experience animating and rendering in a 3D package or game engine, should apply. Students in this position will build skills in 3D model creation, animation and virtual reality and acquire new creative and technical skill sets beyond their current comfort zone. Students will have access to state of the art facilities, equipment, and expertise and are encouraged to develop new approaches using and supporting the Duderstadt Center’s resources.

Required Qualifications

    • Strong work ethic / Dependability
    • Demonstrable experience with 3D modeling & texturing in a 3D modeling software
      (Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender, etc)
    • Demonstrable experience with 3D animation
      (animating cameras, objects or characters)
    • Proficiency with Unreal Engine
    • Strong sense of aesthetics and a general understanding of cinematography

Desired Qualifications

    • Demonstrable experience working with game engines
    • Prior experience contributing to project-based work
    • Persistent interest in expanding skill sets and knowledge base
    • Experience using 3D modeling software
    • Virtual Production experience

Students interested in this position should submit a portfolio of relevant work for consideration.

North Campus

To Apply
Email your resume and portfolio to:
Deadline for applications is May 15

Students in this position would be modeling nuclear reactors like those pictured here for reference, and learning how to port the models to Unreal Engine for viewing in Virtual Reality.