Learning to Develop for Mixed Reality – The ENTR 390 “VR Lab”

Learning to Develop for Virtual Reality – The ENTR 390 “VR Lab”

XR Prototyping

For the past several years, students enrolled in the Center for Entrepreneurship’s Intro to Entrepreneurial Design Virtual Reality course have been introduced to programming and content creation pipelines for XR development using a variety of Visualization Studio resources. Their goal? Create innovative applications for XR. From creating video games to changing the way class material is accessed with XR capable textbooks, if you have an interest in learning how to make your own app for Oculus Rift, MIDEN or even a smart phone, this might be a class to enroll in. Students interested in this course are not required to have any prior programming or 3d modeling knowledge, and if you’ve never used a VR headset that’s OK too. This course will teach you everything you need to know.

Henry Duhaime presents his VR game for Oculus Rift, in which players explore the surface of Mars in search of a missing NASA rover.
Michael Meadows prototypes AR capable textbooks using a mobile phone and Apple’s ARKit.